Political Voice Broadcasting and Dialing

While we are not a broker, your jobs will be loaded, executed, and all reporting will come from us. During high traffic days such as the political season, the telephone switch operators block high volume/ low increment traffic. This reduces the amount of traffic getting out. Our equipment is conveniently spread out across the U.S, allowing bottlenecking to be eliminated.

Political voice broadcasting is the most efficient and cost effective way to deliver millions of unique messages and notifications for your campaign. Today's competitive market requires you to react quickly to changes in the market. Unlike more expensive mediums like TV, radio, or direct mail, voice broadcasting allows you to change your message to potential voters within minutes. Your customized messages will reach thousands of potential voters within hours, or even minutes. Imagine the possibilities!

Why Choose Our Political Dialing Services? My Voice Dialing is:

  1. 1) Dedicated to providing wholesale affordable rates for mass volume results
  2. 2) Known for instant access to real-time reporting
  3. 3) Responsible for the fastest job turnover in the business
  4. 4) Capable of extensive available capacity for this political season
  5. 5) Ready to meet your outsourcing needs efficiently
  6. 6) Dedicated to price matching or beating
  7. 7) A completely unbiased company
  8. 8) Ready to provide minute-live statistics from our website, so you can monitor your campaign status.

How it Works for you:

Instant! Effective! Efficient! Economical! Easy to Use!

As you know, the most effective way to get your message across to voters is to contact them directly. How could anyone have the time to accomplish this? With the help of My Voice Dialing, you can record your own voice message within minutes, and convey that message to all potential voters in the area. In addition, we offer live automated polling and surveys.

Political Voice Broadcasting cuts through the marketing clutter by delivering a targeted voicemail message that conveys the feeling of a personal, considerate message. Our messages are non-intrusive, and are delivered with a professional, consistent quality. Best of all, they produce results!

We are dedicated to making your political campaign a success, because your success becomes our achievement. We are dedicated to keeping the equipment running, and providing a professional engineer to manage your campaign. We will screen your calls with state and national No-Call lists.

Political Polling and Election Notifications

MYVOICEDIALING.COM provides several features for polling and surveys. We can even locate people available to volunteer for your campaign, and target messages to "super voters" for early voting and absentee voting. Imagine being able to take a sampling of your voters' opinions, and find out how the polls stand. The possibilities are infinite. Let us show you how to best keep in touch with your constituents, and keep a finger on the pulse of your district.

We offer exceptional scripting and recording services for your campaign needs. With our experts, you will get the benefits of the professional writing and studio sound quality you need to make your campaign a complete success!